Gran Paradiso Film Festival

From July 23 to 28, 2018 in Cogne and August in the Grand-Paradis valleys

CortoNatura, currently at its second edition, is the section dedicated to short films, whose aim is to address the younger audiences and encourage audiovidual production on environment-related topics. The section is dedicated to international works addressing the theme of Nature; it is open to all genres (fictional films, animation or documentaries). 

The shorts are chosen by the Selection committee and compete for the CortoNatura award for best short film, assigned by the Jury of the audience, worth 1.000 euros.

The followring are the short films selected for the 17th edition of the Festival:

FERAL by Daniel Sousa - U.S.A., 2012 - 13'


A boy is found in the forest by a lonely hunter and brought back to civilisation. Alienated by the unknown environment he tries to adapt to it, using the same strategies which helped him in the wild.

MAN by Steve Cutts - UK, 2012 - 3'37''


Man (screened for the first time in Italy) is a social satire in the form of animation, focusing on the relationship between man and the kingdom of nature. The aim is to foster debate and develop awareness of global environmental issues, conevying a grim message in a fun way.


bio Fodaro e Silvia Sinibaldi - ITALY, 2013 - 6'06''


A documentary on the touching birth of a loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta) on the Calabrian coast. Enhanced by the original soundtrack, the documentary focuses on the challenge of coming to life, the fear and hesitation of the first steps, and the thrilling emotion of the second when life begins.

VU DU CIEL DU VAL D'AOSTE by Yann Arthus-Bertrand - ITALY, 2012 - 22'10''


Images, sounds, an evocative perspective on an extraordinary region, as seen from the sky: Vu du ciel du Val D'Aoste is a journey starting from Mont Blanc, through the Ruitor Glacier, the Gran Paradiso National Park, the central valley with its roman and medieval remains, the Mont Avic Natural Park, the Fortress of Bard, the Lys Valley and the Mont Rose Massif, to Matterhorn, the most spectacular water reserves, the pleateau of Saint-Nicolas and finally Col Licony.  

AEOLIAN by Tom Shrapnel and Cameron Lowe - UK, 2012 - 6'35''


Aeolian, screened for the first time in Italy, portrays the life cycle of a mysterious creature exploring the world surrounding it. As it grows its hability to understand Nature and the inevitable ending of life increases.

THE FOX WHO FOLLOWED THE SOUND by Fatemeh Goudarzi - IRAN, 2012 - 10'


A fox hears mysterious sounds coming from the forest and wants to find out where they come from. To its great stupor the music originates from the bottom of a well.

L'HOMME DE GLACE by Olivier Higgins and Mélanie Carrier - CANADA, 2011 - 3'45''


Not unfrequently, to the eyes of man something is precious only when it is rare. The Ice Man travels the world in search of ice detaching from the melting basins.

ESKIMAL BY Homero Ramirez Tena - Mexico, 2011 - 8'48''


Eskimal and Morsa work together to protect the Great Glacier, which is drawing closer to a catastrophe caused by the industralized world.

INTO SPRING by Udo Prinsen - NETHERLANDS, 2012 - 4'30''


The drumming rhythm of two woodpeckers is the start of a richly coloured spring 


useppe Bucciarelli - ITALY, 2012 - 7'


Spotter, a five-years-old black rhino, decides to explore the world outside Lewa Downs, the protected aread where he lives. He finds himself wondering in a land where armed poachers hunt him for his precious horn. To save his life he must be brought back home.

SEVENTY by Pippo Mezzapesa - ITALY, 2013 - 10'


Taranto, Rione Tamburi, the closest to Ilva steel mill, therefore the most polluted in Europe. Under the shadow of the chimneys, Enzo 'Baffone' and his son Emilio decide to become 'sellers of destiny', appealing to those whom destinty has betrayed.