Gran Paradiso Film Festival

From July 23 to 28, 2018 in Cogne and August in the Grand-Paradis valleys

Dessine-moi un chamois

Anne e Erik Lapied

France | 2016 | 67’

Colin is 9 years old and lives in Grenoble. He is a small city dweller like the others. However, the activity of his grandparents, animal filmmakers, intrigues him. No matter if it snows or if it is windy, they are up there to track and film mountain animals: black grouse, marmots, ibex, weasels, ptarmigan... His days off, he goes up to visit them in their small hamlet perched at 1,650 m of altitude, in the Gran Paradiso National Park. There another school is waiting for him. The path of learning will be long of patience, discouragement and effort, before the golden eagle is no longer that tiny dot in the sky, and the chamois a flash that flees at his approach. Colin learns to be discreet, to recognize traces, to walk with crampons, bivouack at altitude. A beautiful family complicity is born. An animal is missing, to see it Colin puts his grandfather to the test. Will he manage to find him?

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