Gran Paradiso Film Festival

From July 23 to 28, 2018 in Cogne and August in the Grand-Paradis valleys

From the Artic wilderness to the Alps, bear and ibex at the Gran Paradiso Film Festival


Unusual, heart-warming friendships between a child and a polar bear cub, the remote origins of the ibex: all of this and much more is the Gran Paradiso Film Festival, coming on day 5, with a lavish program encouraging the audience to metaphorically travel with their imagination and spirit of discovery. 

The drive to explore is what accompanied documentarist Brando Quilici to the polar ice pack to film 'My friend Nanuk', an international production, which will premiere on 13 November, and from which an extract was exceptionally screened this afternoon in Cogne.

Cogne and Valsavarenche were the screening venues of the 9 short films selected for CortoNatura, characterised by experiments with new creative languages, from digital to animation.  

The De Rerum Natura rendez-vous offered the Festival audience an introduction to the secrets of genetics, thanks to speech entitled “Genetics, randomness and destiny” by Alberto Piazza, President of the Human Genetics Foundation.

Following Piazza's argument Bruno Bassano, Responsible for the Scientific Research and Healthcare of the Gran Paradiso National Park, illustrated a specific case study, explaining how the ibex, symbol of the Alps, is a contradiction in genetic terms: the animal's origin can in fact be located in Asia, his genetic makeup showing instead how it is scarcely adapted to live in the Alps.

The evening proceeded with the screenings of On a river in Ireland and Il était une fôret (Once Upon a Forest).

The final Festival will start at 5 p.m. with the interview to Flavio Caroli conducted by Fabio Fazio (taking place at Maison de la Grivola, a venue change necessary to accommodate the numerous public); at 9 p.m. the winner of the 18th Festival edition will be announced.

“The Gran Paradiso Film Festival draws to a close, with more than 9.000 attendances” says Luisa Vuillermoz, the Artistic Director. “This year's program is characterised by originality, innovation and a range of languages to express creativity. The audience greatly appreciated the events, purposedly tailored for the Festival, and designed as a way to express its connection with the Gran Paradiso area and the principles it embodies .

For further information on the events and screenings please consult the catalogue.